Rearview Mirror Backup Monitor Display w/Camera Kit

Backup Camera

$119.99 $199.99

This mirror provides an OEM look while providing features your OEM mirror doesn't have. The built in 4.3 inch TFT LCD display screen gives a precise image of what is behind your vehicle when paired with the included backup camera. The display shows a real-time view of the rear of the vehicle. The display screen is hidden. Once connected to a reverse wire in the vehicle, the display appears through the mirror glass automatically when the vehicle is shifted into "reverse" and it disappears when the vehicle is shifted into any other gear, leaving the appearance of a standard mirror. (So you don't lose the use of half your mirror.)

This rear camera display mirror should help reduce the risk of backup accidents, especially for vehicles with limited rear vision. It is also convenient for hooking up to boats, RVs and trailers. If you have factory features built into your current mirror (OnStar, Bluetooth, microphone, lights, etc), you will lose them.