Lip / Trunk Ledge Mount Back Up Camera Universal W/ Optional Parking Lines

Backup Camera Company

$69.99 $99.99

Insert style flush mount camera made specifically for mounting lip/trunk ledge. The insert style means that a hole must be drilled for the camera to fit into place on the vehicle. Once the hole is drilled, the camera is secured in place leaving the nice, clean appearance of a custom lip mount camera.

Has built-in selectable normal and reverse imaging as well as a distance guard grid Lines to help the driver accurately judge the distance behind the vehicle when reversing.
An 18.5mm hole saw bit is provided with the camera for drilling the hole for the camera's insert.

• Small size makes it easy to install on vehicles
• Can be mounted specifically on the rear Lip / Trunk ledge
• Constructed of high grade plastic
• Distance guard grid to help accurately judge distance behind the vehicle
• Waterproof design (IP67)
• Image Sensor: CMOS 3
• Viewing Angle: 170°
• Night Vision Technology low light capable Illumination: 0.1 Lux
• Distance Meter (Selectable)
• Resolution: 580 TV Lines
• Power Source: 6-12 Volt
• Camera Dimensions (mm): 19L x 32W x 28D
• Insert Dimensions (mm): 10L x 15W x 15D