Auto dimming OEM Replacement Rear view Mirror with 4.3" LCD Display for Back Up Camera

Backup Camera Company

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Large 4.3" LCD Mirror Monitor High Resolution with Ultra High-Brightness TFT Screen

Super bright display for viewing during the day One of the best rear view mirrors we offer

OEM quality with oem connectors that do not disconnect accidentally 

Composite video input (RCA) for use with any video source 

Complete glass mount replacement, not a clip on

Comes with cable cover for OEM look 

2 Video-In with 1 Video auto-trigger switching for back-up camera 

Reverse trigger - so that unit will automatically turn on when vehicle is placed in reverse 

LCD Screen will Automatically adjust brightness

When ambient light is low, the LCD screen will decrease its brightness

When ambient light is to strong, the LCD screen will be brighter

480 x 234 Resolution 

425 NIT brightness 

10 in(W) x 3in (H)