2014 Toyota Tacoma Backup Camera with locking handle and integration harness

Backup Camera Company


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Compatible with 2014 Tacoma.  This locking tailgate handle is a direct replacement for the factory tailgate handle.  It comes with both a rear view camera and tailgate lock. The lock is 'keyed' to your existing ignition key simply by inserting the key in the lock and turning it!  No additional keys are needed.  OEM quality camera comes with all harnesses necessary for installation. Professional installation is recommended. 

This kit is designed for the 2014 Tacoma with the display audio radio, and comes with a 24 pin 'T-harness' that simply plugs into the back of the radio with an input for the camera.  It also comes with a pinned wire that is installed into a secondary harness behind the radio to supply reverse signal.  Camera power and ground can be accessed from the 12 volt power supply in the dash, and the reverse signal can be gained at the reverse lamp in the tail light assembly.